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  • CoDeK - Concurrent Development frameworK  v.1.0CoDeK - Java Concurrent Development frameworK is a very simple, open-source, academic java library aimed to help the development of Java multi-threading concurrent ...
  • Fisterra GNOME development framework  v.1Fisterra 2 is an open source GNOME development framework. It is indicated for the implementation of whole business management applications, ad hoc ERPs or modules of other management ...
  • Sovereign Development Framework  v. is a portable development framework consisting of GCC, glibc, gtk+ and other common open source programs and libraries. It allows one to have libraries of the same versions across different GNU/Linux ...
  • SxPHP - Rapid Development Framework  v.1.0sxPHP - Smart extended PHP is a (RAF) Rapid Development Framework for >= PHP 5.2.2.
  • Integratis Web Development Framework  v.0.5A web development framework; includes an application server which provides a persistent object cache and transaction support, an intelligent HTML parser, multi-threaded scripting, multiple scripting language support within a single OO framework.
  • SDF - Site Development Framework  v.1.0SDF(Site Development Framework) is a web based applications and object oriented PHP framework.
  • NEUTRINO PHP Development FrameWork  v.5NEUTRINO PHP Development FrameWork is used to proceed agile PHP application development,base on some excellent open source project,such as smarty,adodb, xajax etc,it is an integrated php-application solution, make php application more easy and stronge ...
  • PHP2Go Web Development Framework  v.0.5.8PHP2Go is a development framework designed to help experienced developers and beginner programmers to create Web-based Systems. It's an object-oriented, structured and hierarchical set of classes and libraries developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript.
  • AJ Square Development Framework  v.1.0AJS-DF (AJ Square Development Framework) is the open source PHP framework that enables easy development of web portals, modern web applications and web services. AJS-DF is based on MVC architecture and best uses the PHP 5.X.X's OOP advantage.
  • Activator Development Framework  v.1.0Activator Development Framework - Object Oriented framework to ease creation of mulit-developer distributed mixed environment perl based software projects, especially Catalyst based websites.
  • Ajax Javascript Development Framework  v.1.0it's is a easy DHTML & ajax javascript development framework, and better at Dhtml development.
  • Erciyes RIA Development Framework  v.1.0Erciyes RIA Development Framework is a rich Internet application development framework. It utilizes Flash with Ajax-like web requests on the client. Server-side process is carried using IIS and ASP.NET. Both Oracle and MSSQL support is provided.
  • Open ABAP Development Framework  v.1.0Open ADF - The Open ABAB Development Framework.Function modules and classes for the daily tasksyou have as an advanced ABAP developer.
  • Phritz web development framework  v.1.0Phritz is an MVC web development framework written in PHP. Its intended goal is to help developers create display-independant applications by keeping Request and Response logic seperate from the business logic.
  • The Phizz PHP web-development framework  v.1.0Phizz is a PHP web-development framework that strives to balance minimalism, ease-of-use, and extensibility. Its architecture is inspired by Django and its usability by Wordpress. It requires PHP5, MySQL 5.0, and .htaccess permissions.
  • Archaeopteryx Web Development Framework  v.1.0aWebLibs is a development framework and a set of libraries for web applications, web forms and content management. It's intended to be used for fast development of Google-like multi-platform web apps.
  • JAviation Development Framework  v.1.0jAviation Cross-Platform Development Framework is composed of Java Class libraries and tools for developing aviation applications. Public domain Computational Simulation, Modeling, Statistics, Physical Sciences, and Aerodynamic Equations are included.
  • Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework  v.0.9.2qdgdf (Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework) is a set of libraries designed to allow fast development of games.
  • RS2 Development Framework  v.1.0A background framework used for the development of RuneScape emulators and private servers.
  • MRV Development Framework  v.1.0MRV is a python framework based on wrapping the Maya API to speed up development and ease of use within pipelines using Autodesk Maya.
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